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to the south carolina democratic party…

Okay, I know, when I started this blog I said I wanted to avoid the type of knee-jerk, gut reaction posting that typifies a lot of political blogging — but I really have a problem with this.

If you don’t feel like reading the story that’s linked, here’s the gist — the South Carolina Democratic Party has launched a new website, www.nikkigoesnational.com, for the purpose of painting Mrs Haley as nothing more than a national spotlight-seeking starlet who cares more about cable-television appearances than governance of the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina Democrats — shame on you!

First, your site’s domain name refers to Mrs Haley in the first person.  That’s just tacky.  Not to mention disrespectful.  I’m old-fashioned enough that I hold myself to higher standards when it comes to referring to public figures — you should too.

Second, in case you have forgotten, our current president was dragged through piles of mud during his campaign because of his celebrity, and those of us in the Democratic camp didn’t appreciate it very much.  Perhaps it doesn’t behoove you to level the same manner of attack.  Perhaps it looks a little two-faced.

Third, as a South Carolina native living out-of-state, I would much rather see Mrs Haley representing my home state in the national media than the recent lineup of schmucks like Gov Sanford, Sen DeMint, and State Sen Knotts.  Do I like her politics?  No.  Do I particularly want her to be the next governor of South Carolina?  Absolutely not.  But do I have a problem with her bringing some positive media attention to my can’t-get-much-more-humiliated home state?  Not one damn bit.

Finally, you have so many ways to oppose Mrs Haley without resorting to the sort of shallow, petty politics of which this website is such a childish example — not the least of which is her endorsement by Sarah Palin, or her popularity with the Tea Party, or the absolutely clueless destructiveness of the policies supported by them all.  Maybe you might be better off focusing there instead of trying to be too cute by half?

Think it over.


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