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the jobs numbers…

The White House is rightly celebrating the March jobs report, released by the Labor Department yesterday.  As the Times reported yesterday, this marks the twelfth consecutive month of positive private-sector growth.  It should be kept in mind that the Republican party has only had a hand in governing for, at most, three of those months (and to call what they do governing is being quite generous).  So it sort of begs the question:  I wonder whose policies are actually working, despite all the arguments to the contrary?  

Why, it must be that evil, business-hating socialist.

All this, of course, creates a touchy dilemma for Republicans.  They certainly can’t jump on the bandwagon and concede that the Obama administration has been acting effectively this whole time.  That would contradict most of the platform that won them their elections in November.  But the only other real option is to continue actively advocating policies that are the polar opposite to what’s been working for the past two years, and do so while claiming that it will actually work better.  

I suppose it’s at least marginally possible that what they’re peddling could be useful.  Except for the annoying fact that their policies have been proven worthless time and time again.  

It’s also possible that the job gains could be explained as having occurred in spite, and not because, of the administration’s policies, in which case executing Republican policies would open the hiring floodgates.  Again, I’m not buying it.

At any rate, what is absolutely necessary is keeping the Republican program from being put into place.  A likely outcome given the Democratic Senate majority and the president’s veto.  All else being equal, the economic situation will continue to improve,  justifying the president’s approach and discrediting (for the umpteen-millionth time) the Republican’s economic strategies.  

Doing otherwise risks letting the economy sink further back as a result of heinous, draconian policies dreamed up by the Republican Party — in spite of the fact we know they will in no way accept responsibility for any reversal in the economy’s fortunes. 


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