my letter to Sen. Lugar…

I realize I am a little late on this, but I suppose I’m about on par with the rest of the country in terms of catching up.  Now that Jon Stewart has brought such attention to the issue, and even Fox News anchors are voicing disgust, it seems we’re all just realizing what a heinous act of negligence was perpetrated in the United States Senate last week.

I find phone-calls to be quite useless, so I decided to write Indiana’s senior Senator with my thoughts instead:

To whom it may concern,

I should say, first, that I am quite appreciative of the Senator’s work on the START treaty, as well as his support of the DREAM Act.  And though I am disappointed by his vote against the repeal of DADT, I am not surprised.  But I have to say that I am completely disgusted by his opposition to the Zadroga 9/11 Act — and further insulted that he has not even the courage to explain the reason for his opposition.

The bill not only provided much needed for relief and assistance for the men and women who gave of themselves unconditionally and without question, because it was their duty, it was deemed deficit-neutral by the Congressional Budget Office — it was completely paid for!

As much as I do appreciate the Senator’s work, and his efforts to remain reasonable in the face of so much irrational behavior on the part of his colleagues, I cannot fathom his opposition to this bill.  The only possible conclusion I can come to is that he simply values corporate tax loopholes more than the health and well-being of some of our country’s greatest heroes.  I sincerely hope that is not the case.

I want to be able to support the Senator in his re-election. I am not so naive as to think Indiana would elect a Democratic challenger, and I am incredibly fearful of a potential Tea Party challenge.  I admire the Senator for his work, and appreciate his seniority as an asset for the state of Indiana.  But votes like his on this bill make it very difficult to be as supportive as I’d like to be.

I hope the Senator enjoys a merrier Christmas than the one he has given 9/11’s first responders and their families,

Eric Anderson, Jr

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